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intermediate filament A distinct elongated structure, characteristically 10 nm in diameter, that occurs in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. Intermediate filaments form a fibrous system, composed of chemically heterogeneous subunits and involved in mechanically integrating the various components of the cytoplasmic space. Intermediate filaments may be divided into five chemically distinct classes: keratin filaments of mammalian epithelial cells; desmin filaments found in cells of muscles of all types; vimentin filaments found in mesenchymal cells; neurofilaments of neurons; and glial filaments found in all types of glial cells. 93 0.46 4 8.70 1.23e-03
intermediate filament cytoskeleton Cytoskeletal structure made from intermediate filaments, typically organized in the cytosol as an extended system that stretches from the nuclear envelope to the plasma membrane. Some intermediate filaments run parallel to the cell surface, while others traverse the cytosol; together they form an internal framework that helps support the shape and resilience of the cell. 93 0.46 4 8.70 1.23e-03

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