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List Name Description Total
cpr_low_liver_dn Down-regulated in mouse liver tissue from mice with reduced liver expression of NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase (CPR), versus normal controls 40 0.20 3 15.17 1.04e-03
human_tissue_pancreas Genes expressed specifically in human pancreas tissue 71 0.35 3 8.55 5.38e-03
tpa_skin_dn Downregulated in murine dorsal skin cells 6 hours after treatment with the phorbol ester carcinogen TPA 25 0.12 2 16.18 6.80e-03
cpr_null_liver_dn Down-regulated in mouse liver tissue from mice in which NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase (CPR) was specifically deleted in the liver by cre-lox recombination, versus lox-only controls 26 0.13 2 15.56 7.34e-03
cmv_ie86_up Upregulated by expression of cytomegalovirus IE86 protein in primary human fibroblasts 82 0.41 3 7.40 8.00e-03
tzd_adip_dn Downregulated by treatment of mature murine adipocytes with the PPARgamma agonist troglitazone 29 0.14 2 13.95 9.08e-03
cmv_hcmv_timecourse_10hrs_dn Down-regulated in fibroblasts following infection with human cytomegalovirus (at least 3-fold, with Affymetrix change call, in at least two consectutive timepoints), with maximum change at 10 hours 30 0.15 2 13.48 9.70e-03

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