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Results for R06AE.profile.u50

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List Name Description Total
human_tissue_pancreas Genes expressed specifically in human pancreas tissue 71 0.18 3 17.09 7.61e-04
tpa_skin_dn Downregulated in murine dorsal skin cells 6 hours after treatment with the phorbol ester carcinogen TPA 25 0.06 2 32.36 1.77e-03
tzd_adip_dn Downregulated by treatment of mature murine adipocytes with the PPARgamma agonist troglitazone 29 0.07 2 27.90 2.37e-03
cmv_hcmv_timecourse_10hrs_dn Down-regulated in fibroblasts following infection with human cytomegalovirus (at least 3-fold, with Affymetrix change call, in at least two consectutive timepoints), with maximum change at 10 hours 30 0.07 2 26.97 2.54e-03
brca1_sw480_up Up-regulated by infection of human colon adenocarcinoma cells (SW480) with Ad-BRCA1, versus Ad-LacZ control 50 0.12 2 16.18 6.92e-03
calres_mouse_up Upregulated in the gastrocnemius muscle of aged (30-month) mice subjected to caloric restriction since young adulthood vs. age-matched controls 51 0.13 2 15.86 7.19e-03
adip_vs_preadip_up Upregulated in mature murine adipocytes (7 day differentiation) vs. preadipocytes (6 hr differentiation) 57 0.14 2 14.19 8.91e-03

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