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List Name Description Total
nucleosome assembly The aggregation and bonding together of a nucleosome, the beadlike structural units of eukaryotic chromatin composed of histones and DNA. 93 0.23 3 13.05 1.66e-03
chromatin assembly The assembly of DNA, histone proteins, and other associated proteins into chromatin structure, beginning with the formation of the basic unit, the nucleosome, followed by organization of the nucleosomes into higher order structures, ultimately giving rise to a complex organization of specific domains within the nucleus. 108 0.27 3 11.24 2.54e-03
cellular component assembly A cellular process that results in the assembly of a part of the cell. 811 2.00 7 3.49 4.53e-03
endocytosis The uptake of external materials by cells by the invagination of small region of the plasma membrane to form a new intracellular membrane-limited vesicle. 272 0.67 4 5.95 4.93e-03
membrane invagination The infolding of a membrane, resulting in formation of a vesicle. 272 0.67 4 5.95 4.93e-03
cytokine and chemokine mediated signaling pathway Any series of molecular signals generated as a consequence of a cytokine or chemokine binding to a cell surface receptor. 50 0.12 2 16.18 6.92e-03
protein-DNA complex assembly The aggregation and bonding together of proteins and DNA molecules to form a protein-DNA complex. 161 0.40 3 7.54 7.71e-03
chromatin assembly or disassembly The formation or destruction of chromatin structures. 171 0.42 3 7.10 9.09e-03

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