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List Name Description Total
hypoxia_normal_up Upregulated by hypoxia in normal, RPTEC renal cells (Fig. 3) 376 0.93 7 7.53 5.08e-05
heatshock_hela_4hr_up Up-regulated at 4 hours following 1.5 hr 43degC heat shock of HeLa cells compared to untreated controls (> 1.5-fold, FDR < 0.05). 675 1.67 8 4.79 3.34e-04
rb_creko_dn Down-regulated at 144 hours after disruption of Rb in adult mouse fibroblasts by Cre recombination, versus GFP controls. 250 0.62 4 6.47 3.66e-03
tpa_resist_early_dn Downregulated by TPA at two consecutive timepoints between 15min-3hrs in resistant HL-525 cells 140 0.35 3 8.67 5.25e-03
vegf_huvec_2hrs_up Up-regulated 2 hours after VEGF treatment in human umbilical vein endothelial cells 54 0.13 2 14.98 8.03e-03
bay_pbmc_48hr_dn Down-regulated at 48 hr following treatment of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with BAY 50-4798, an IL-2 receptor agonist. 318 0.79 4 5.09 8.46e-03
serum_fibroblast_core_dn Core group of genes consistently down-regulated following exposure to serum in a variety of human fibroblast cell lines (higher expression in quiescent cells, not cell-cycle dependent) 319 0.79 4 5.07 8.55e-03
aged_mouse_hippocampus_any_dn Down-regulated in the hippocampus of 16-month aged mice from any of four strains (S8, S10, SR1, B6J), versus 3-month young controls 60 0.15 2 13.48 9.83e-03

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