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List Name Description Total
microvillus Thin cylindrical membrane-covered projections on the surface of an animal cell containing a core bundle of actin filaments. Present in especially large numbers on the absorptive surface of intestinal cells. 19 0.05 2 42.58 1.02e-03
nucleoplasm part Any constituent part of the nucleoplasm, that part of the nuclear content other than the chromosomes or the nucleolus. 489 1.21 6 4.96 1.53e-03
nuclear chromosome A chromosome found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. 127 0.31 3 9.56 4.01e-03
nucleoplasm That part of the nuclear content other than the chromosomes or the nucleolus. 608 1.50 6 3.99 4.44e-03
proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex A large protein complex that catalyzes the synthesis or hydrolysis of ATP by a rotational mechanism, coupled to the transport of protons across a membrane. The complex comprises a membrane sector (F0, V0, or A0) that carries out proton transport and a cytoplasmic compartment sector (F1, V1, or A1) that catalyzes ATP synthesis or hydrolysis. Two major types have been characterized: V-type ATPases couple ATP hydrolysis to the transport of protons across a concentration gradient, whereas F-type ATPases, also known as ATP synthases, normally run in the reverse direction to utilize energy from a proton concentration or electrochemical gradient to synthesize ATP. A third type, A-type ATPases have been found in archaea, and are closely related to eukaryotic V-type ATPases but are reversible. 60 0.15 2 13.48 9.83e-03

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