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Results for L01AD.profile.d50

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List Name Description Total
guanylate kinase activity Catalysis of the reaction: ATP + GMP = ADP + GDP. 19 0.05 2 42.58 1.02e-03
calmodulin binding Interacting selectively with calmodulin, a calcium-binding protein with many roles, both in the calcium-bound and calcium-free states. 227 0.56 4 7.13 2.60e-03
transcription regulator activity Plays a role in regulating transcription; may bind a promoter or enhancer DNA sequence or interact with a DNA-binding transcription factor. 1862 4.60 12 2.61 2.84e-03
nucleotide kinase activity Catalysis of the reaction: ATP + nucleoside monophosphate = ADP + nucleoside diphosphate. 33 0.08 2 24.52 3.07e-03
protein binding Interacting selectively with any protein or protein complex (a complex of two or more proteins that may include other nonprotein molecules). 8108 20.04 33 1.65 4.82e-03
phosphotransferase activity, phosphate group as acceptor Catalysis of the transfer of a phosphorus-containing group from one compound (donor) to a phosphate group (acceptor). 44 0.11 2 18.39 5.40e-03
structural constituent of cytoskeleton The action of a molecule that contributes to the structural integrity of a cytoskeletal structure. 156 0.39 3 7.78 7.08e-03
nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide kinase activity Catalysis of the transfer of a phosphate group, usually from ATP or GTP, to a nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide or polynucleotide substrate. 54 0.13 2 14.98 8.03e-03

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