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Results for D11AX.profile.ud50

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List Name Description Total
human_tissue_testis Genes expressed specifically in human testis tissue 122 0.60 4 6.63 3.30e-03
et743pt650_breastca_dn Downregulated by both Et-743 and Pt-650 in MDA-MB-435 cells (Fig. 6G) 20 0.10 2 20.23 4.38e-03
middleage_dn Downregulated in fibroblasts from middle-age individuals, compared to young 23 0.11 2 17.59 5.77e-03
dox_resist_gastric_up Upregulated in gastric cancer cell lines reistant to doxorubicin, compared to parent chemosensitive lines 74 0.37 3 8.20 6.03e-03
stress_genotoxic_specific_dn Genes down-regulated 4 hours following genotoxic stress that discriminate genotoxic from non-genotoxic stress 74 0.37 3 8.20 6.03e-03
p21_p53_any_dn Down-regulated at any timepoint (4-24 hrs) following ectopic expression of p21 (CDKN1A) in OvCa cells, p53-dependent 77 0.38 3 7.88 6.73e-03
werner_fibro_up Upregulated in fibroblasts from individuals with Werner syndrome, compared to normal, young individuals 81 0.40 3 7.49 7.74e-03
cantharidin_up Upregulated in HL-60 promyeloid leukemic cells after treatment with the cytotoxic drug cantharidin 27 0.13 2 14.98 7.90e-03
uvc_high_d2_dn Down-regulated consistently at 6-24 hours following treatment of WS1 human skin fibroblasts with UVC at a high dose (50 J/m^2) (cluster d2) 82 0.41 3 7.40 8.00e-03

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