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trans-Golgi network The network of interconnected tubular and cisternal structures located at the side of the Golgi apparatus distal to the endoplasmic reticulum, from which secretory vesicles emerge. The trans-Golgi network is important in the later stages of protein secretion where it is thought to play a key role in the sorting and targeting of secreted proteins to the correct destination. 42 0.21 4 19.26 5.75e-05
AP-1 adaptor complex A membrane coat adaptor complex that links clathrin to the membrane surface of a vesicle; vesicles with AP-1-containing coats are normally found primarily in the trans-Golgi network. 8 0.04 2 50.57 6.71e-04
clathrin adaptor complex A membrane coat adaptor complex that links clathrin to a membrane. 21 0.10 2 19.26 4.82e-03
membrane coat adaptor complex Any of several heterotetrameric complexes that link clathrin (or another coat-forming molecule, as hypothesized for AP-3 and AP-4) to a membrane surface; they are found on coated pits and coated vesicles, and mediate sorting of cargo proteins into vesicles. 25 0.12 2 16.18 6.80e-03
protein complex Any protein group composed of two or more subunits, which may or may not be identical. Protein complexes may have other associated non-protein prosthetic groups, such as nucleic acids, metal ions or carbohydrate groups. 2341 11.57 21 1.81 7.87e-03

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