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List Name Description Total
aged_mouse_retina_any_up Up-regulated in the retina of 16-month aged mice from any of four strains (S8, S10, SR1, B6J), versus 3-month young controls 36 0.18 3 16.86 7.64e-04
cisplatin_probcell_dn Down-regulated in pro-B cells (FL5.12) following treatment with cisplatin 9 0.04 2 44.95 8.60e-04
heatshock_hela_4hr_up Up-regulated at 4 hours following 1.5 hr 43degC heat shock of HeLa cells compared to untreated controls (> 1.5-fold, FDR < 0.05). 675 3.34 10 3.00 2.31e-03
idx_tsa_dn_cluster2 Progressively down-regulated from 8-96 hours during differentiation of 3T3-L1 fibroblasts into adipocytes with IDX (insulin, dexamethasone and isobutylxanthine), vs. fibroblasts treated with IDX + TSA to prevent differentiation (cluster 2) 114 0.56 4 7.10 2.59e-03
cmv_hcmv_timecourse_8hrs_up Up-regulated in fibroblasts following infection with human cytomegalovirus (at least 3-fold, with Affymetrix change call, in at least two consectutive timepoints), with maximum change at 8 hours 63 0.31 3 9.63 3.85e-03
h2o2_csbdiff_c2 Deficient induction by H2O2 in CSB-null fibroblasts, compared to CSB-rescued (Table 2, cluster 2) 63 0.31 3 9.63 3.85e-03
il2_pbmc_2hr_up Up-regulated at 2 hr following treatment of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with recombinant IL-2. 66 0.33 3 9.19 4.38e-03
il2_pbmc_30min_up Up-regulated at 30 min following treatment of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with recombinant IL-2. 66 0.33 3 9.19 4.38e-03
calres_presenillin_ko_hippocampus_up Up-regulated by calorie restriction in the hippocampus of 8 month-old presenillin-1 and -2 conditional double knock-out mice, compared to normal-diet controls. 137 0.68 4 5.91 4.98e-03
bay_pbmc_4hr_up Up-regulated at 4 hr following treatment of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with BAY 50-4798, an IL-2 receptor agonist. 544 2.69 8 2.97 6.33e-03
insulin_adip_insens_dn Down-regulated by insulin in murine adipocytes, and continue to respond following induction of insulin-resistance with TNFalpha treatment 25 0.12 2 16.18 6.80e-03
uvb_nhek1_up Upregulated by UV-B light in normal human epidermal keratinocytes 336 1.66 6 3.61 7.03e-03
cancerdrugs_probcell_dn Down-regulated by at least two of four cancer drugs (cisplatin, camptothecin, methotrextate and/or paclitaxel) in pro-B cells (FL5.12) 26 0.13 2 15.56 7.34e-03
brcax_a_up Up-regulated in one group (A) of BRCAx tumors (familial non-BRCA1/BRCA2 breast cancer), compared to a second BRCAx group (B) 30 0.15 2 13.48 9.70e-03

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