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Results for C03BA.profile.u50

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List Name Description Total
fear response The response of an organism to a perceived external threat. 7 0.02 2 115.58 1.27e-04
blood coagulation The sequential process by which the multiple coagulation factors of the blood interact, ultimately resulting in the formation of an insoluble fibrin clot; it may be divided into three stages: stage 1, the formation of intrinsic and extrinsic prothrombin converting principle; stage 2, the formation of thrombin; stage 3, the formation of stable fibrin polymers. 142 0.35 3 8.55 5.46e-03
coagulation The process by which a fluid solution, or part of it, changes into a solid or semisolid mass. 145 0.36 3 8.37 5.79e-03
hemostasis The stopping of bleeding (loss of body fluid) or the arrest of the circulation to an organ or part. 150 0.37 3 8.09 6.36e-03
regulation of body fluids Any process that modulates the levels of body fluids. 175 0.43 3 6.93 9.67e-03
wound healing The series of events that restore integrity to a damaged tissue, following an injury. 177 0.44 3 6.86 9.97e-03

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