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Results for C01CE.profile.u50

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List Name Description Total
peptide transporter activity Enables the directed movement of peptides, compounds of two or more amino acids where the alpha carboxyl group of one is bound to the alpha amino group of another, into, out of, within or between cells. 13 0.03 2 62.24 4.68e-04
SNAP receptor activity Acting as a marker to identify a membrane and interacting selectively with one or more SNAREs on another membrane to mediate membrane fusion. 19 0.05 2 42.58 1.02e-03
intracellular transporter activity Enables the directed movement of substances within a cell. 54 0.13 2 14.98 8.03e-03
D-alanyl-D-alanine endopeptidase activity 4 0.01 1 101.14 9.85e-03
phosphopantetheine binding Interacting selectizely with phosphopantetheine, the vitamin pantetheine 4'-(dihydrogen phosphate). 4 0.01 1 101.14 9.85e-03
neurexin binding Interacting selectively with neurexins, synaptic cell surface proteins related to latrotoxin receptor, laminin and agrin. Neurexins act as cell recognition molecules at nerve terminals. 4 0.01 1 101.14 9.85e-03

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