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Results for A03AA.profile.ud50

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List Name Description Total
membrane organization and biogenesis A process that is carried out at the cellular level which results in the formation, arrangement of constituent parts, or disassembly of membranes inside and surrounding the cell. 394 1.95 7 3.59 3.83e-03
apoptotic nuclear changes The morphological and physiological alterations undergone by the nucleus during apoptosis. 22 0.11 2 18.39 5.29e-03
receptor-mediated endocytosis The uptake of external materials by cells, utilizing receptors to ensure specificity of transport. A specific receptor on the cell surface binds tightly to the extracellular macromolecule (the ligand) that it recognizes; the plasma-membrane region containing the receptor-ligand complex then undergoes endocytosis, forming a transport vesicle containing the receptor-ligand complex and excluding most other plasma-membrane proteins. Receptor-mediated endocytosis generally occurs via clathrin-coated pits and vesicles. 72 0.36 3 8.43 5.59e-03
calcium ion-dependent exocytosis The release of intracellular molecules (e.g. hormones, matrix proteins) contained within a membrane-bounded vesicle by fusion of the vesicle with the plasma membrane of a cell, requiring the presence of calcium ions. 26 0.13 2 15.56 7.34e-03

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