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ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter complex A complex for the transport of metabolites into and out of the cell, typically comprised of four domains; two membrane-associated domains and two ATP-binding domains at the intracellular face of the membrane, that form a central pore through the plasma membrane. Each of the four core domains may be encoded as a separate polypeptide or the domains can be fused in any one of a number of ways into multidomain polypeptides. In Bacteria and Archaebacteria, ABC transporters also include substrate binding proteins to bind substrate external to the cytoplasm and deliver it to the transporter. 16 0.04 2 50.57 7.17e-04
lytic vacuole A vacuole that is maintained at an acidic pH and which contains degradative enzymes, including a wide variety of acid hydrolases. 228 0.56 4 7.10 2.64e-03
lysosome Any of a group of related cytoplasmic, membrane bound organelles that are found in most animal cells and that contain a variety of hydrolases, most of which have their maximal activities in the pH range 5-6. The contained enzymes display latency if properly isolated. About 40 different lysosomal hydrolases are known and lysosomes have a great variety of morphologies and functions. 228 0.56 4 7.10 2.64e-03
vacuole A closed structure, found only in eukaryotic cells, that is completely surrounded by unit membrane and contains liquid material. Cells contain one or several vacuoles, that may have different functions from each other. Vacuoles have a diverse array of functions. They can act as a storage organelle for nutrients or waste products, as a degradative compartment, as a cost-effective way of increasing cell size, and as a homeostatic regulator controlling both turgor pressure and pH of the cytosol. 253 0.63 4 6.40 3.82e-03

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