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List Name Description Total
hdaci_colon_but48hrs_up Upregulated by butyrate at 48 hrs in SW260 colon carcinoma cells 135 0.33 5 14.98 2.45e-05
hdaci_colon_but24hrs_up Upregulated by butyrate at 24 hrs in SW260 colon carcinoma cells 95 0.23 4 17.03 9.93e-05
ribavirin_rsv_dn Up-regulation by infection of human pulmonary epithelian cells (A549) with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is inhibited by the anti-viral drug ribavirin 101 0.25 4 16.02 1.26e-04
idx_tsa_dn_cluster6 Strongly down-regulated at 2 hours during differentiation of 3T3-L1 fibroblasts into adipocytes with IDX (insulin, dexamethasone and isobutylxanthine), vs. fibroblasts treated with IDX + TSA to prevent differentiation (cluster 6) 48 0.12 3 25.28 2.40e-04
hdaci_colon_but_up Upregulated by butyrate at any timepoint up to 48 hrs in SW260 colon carcinoma cells 233 0.58 5 8.68 3.17e-04
cmv_24hrs_dn Downregulated at 24hrs following infection of primary human foreskin fibroblasts with CMV 140 0.35 4 11.56 4.38e-04
hdaci_colon_cluster9 Regulated by TSA, butyrate and/or curcumin in SW260 colon carcinoma cells (Cluster 9, associated with histone hyperAc) 78 0.19 3 15.56 1.00e-03
calres_mouse_dn Downregulated in the gastrocnemius muscle of aged (30-month) mice subjected to caloric restriction since young adulthood vs. age-matched controls 79 0.20 3 15.36 1.04e-03
cmv_hcmv_timecourse_24hrs_dn Down-regulated in fibroblasts following infection with human cytomegalovirus (at least 3-fold, with Affymetrix change call, in at least two consectutive timepoints), with maximum change at 24 hours 82 0.20 3 14.80 1.16e-03
il2_pbmc_4hr_up Up-regulated at 4 hr following treatment of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with recombinant IL-2. 510 1.26 6 4.76 1.88e-03
cmv_all_dn Downregulated at any timepoint following infection of primary human foreskin fibroblasts with CMV 213 0.53 4 7.60 2.07e-03
emt_up Up-regulated during the TGFbeta-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of Ras-transformed mouse mammary epithelial (EpH4) cells (EMT is representative of late-stage tumor progression and metastasis) 105 0.26 3 11.56 2.35e-03
baf57_bt549_dn Down-regulated following stable re-expression of BAF57 in Bt549 breast cancer cells that lack functional BAF57 554 1.37 6 4.38 2.83e-03
5azac-tsa_hepg2_dn Down-regulated in human hepatoma cells (HepG2) following 24 hrs treatment with 2.5 microM 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine (5azaC) and 24 hrs treatment with both 5azaC and 500 nM trichostatin A (TSA). 2343 5.79 13 2.24 6.65e-03
xpb_ttd-cs_up Up-regulated in XPB/TTD fibroblasts (expressing XPB-A355C), compared to XPB/CS fibroblasts (expressing XPB-T296C) 57 0.14 2 14.19 8.91e-03

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