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trans-Golgi network The network of interconnected tubular and cisternal structures located at the side of the Golgi apparatus distal to the endoplasmic reticulum, from which secretory vesicles emerge. The trans-Golgi network is important in the later stages of protein secretion where it is thought to play a key role in the sorting and targeting of secreted proteins to the correct destination. 42 0.21 3 14.45 1.20e-03
clathrin-coated vesicle A vesicle with a coat formed of clathrin connected to the membrane via one of the clathrin adaptor complexes. 144 0.71 4 5.62 5.93e-03
cytoplasmic membrane-bound vesicle A membrane-bound vesicle found in the cytoplasm of the cell. 331 1.64 6 3.67 6.55e-03
membrane-bound vesicle Any small, fluid-filled, spherical organelle enclosed by a lipid bilayer. 343 1.70 6 3.54 7.73e-03
cytoplasmic vesicle A vesicle formed of membrane or protein, found in the cytoplasm of a cell. 344 1.70 6 3.53 7.84e-03
vesicle Any small, fluid-filled, spherical organelle enclosed by membrane or protein. 357 1.76 6 3.40 9.30e-03

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