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Results for P01C.profile.d50

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List Name Description Total
potassium channel regulator activity 29 0.07 2 27.90 2.37e-03
RNA-dependent ATPase activity Catalysis of the reaction: ATP + H2O = ADP + phosphate, in the presence of RNA; drives another reaction. 39 0.10 2 20.75 4.26e-03
RNA helicase activity Catalysis of the unwinding of an RNA helix. 50 0.12 2 16.18 6.92e-03
oxidoreductase activity, acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors Catalysis of an oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction in which an aldehyde or ketone (oxo) group acts as a hydrogen or electron donor and reduces a hydrogen or electron acceptor. 51 0.13 2 15.86 7.19e-03
channel regulator activity 53 0.13 2 15.27 7.74e-03
auxiliary transport protein activity Facilitates transport across one or more biological membranes but do not themselves participate directly in transport. These proteins always function in conjunction with one or more established transport systems. They may provide a function connected with energy coupling to transport, play a structural role in complex formation, serve a biogenic or stability function or function in regulation. 57 0.14 2 14.19 8.91e-03

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