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List Name Description Total
senescence_hela_dn Down-regulated in HeLa/HPV16E6 cells 6 days following induction of senescence by repression of HPV E7 via HPV E2 and subsequent reactivation of Rb. 341 0.84 8 9.49 2.81e-06
inos_10_up Ten most-upregulated genes following iNOS induction in hepatocytes 10 0.02 2 80.91 2.71e-04
stemcell_embryonic_up Enriched in mouse embryonic stem cells, compared to differentiated brain and bone marrow cells 1989 4.92 13 2.64 1.72e-03
5azac_hepg2_dn Down-regulated in human hepatoma cells (HepG2) following 48 hrs treatment with 2.5 microM 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine (5azaC). 1830 4.52 12 2.65 2.47e-03
tpa_skin_up Upregulated in murine dorsal skin cells 6 hours after treatment with the phorbol ester carcinogen TPA 31 0.08 2 26.10 2.71e-03
fsh_ovary_mcv152_dn Down-regulated in ovarian epithelial cells (MCV152) 72 hours following FSH treatment, compared to untreated 111 0.27 3 10.93 2.75e-03
et743_sarcoma_24hrs_dn Down-regulated at 24 hours following treatment with Et-743 in at least 8 of 11 sarcoma cell lines 163 0.40 3 7.45 7.98e-03
pod1_ko_up Up-regulated in glomeruli isolated from Pod1 knockout mice, versus wild-type controls 508 1.26 5 3.98 9.19e-03
il2_pbmc_48hr_up Up-regulated at 48 hr following treatment of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with recombinant IL-2. 511 1.26 5 3.96 9.41e-03

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