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Results for N07A.profile.ud50

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List Name Description Total
ubiquitin-protein ligase activity Catalysis of the reaction: ATP + ubiquitin + protein lysine = AMP + diphosphate + protein N-ubiquityllysine. 175 0.87 5 5.78 1.90e-03
small protein conjugating enzyme activity Catalysis of the covalent attachment of small proteins, such as ubiquitin or ubiquitin-like proteins, to lysine residues on a target protein. This function may be performed alone or in conjunction with an E3, ubiquitin-like protein ligase. 180 0.89 5 5.62 2.15e-03
small conjugating protein ligase activity Catalysis of ATP-dependent isopeptide bond formation between the carboxy-terminal residues of a small conjugating protein such as ubiquitin or a ubiquitin-like protein, and a substrate lysine residue. 201 0.99 5 5.03 3.45e-03
nucleoside kinase activity Catalysis of the reaction: ATP + nucleoside = ADP + nucleoside monophosphate. 20 0.10 2 20.23 4.38e-03
acid-amino acid ligase activity Catalysis of the ligation of an acid to an amino acid via a carbon-nitrogen bond with concomitant breakage of a diphosphate linkage, usually in a nucleoside triphosphate. 222 1.10 5 4.56 5.24e-03

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