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neuromuscular junction The junction between the axon of a motor neuron and a muscle fiber. In response to the arrival of action potentials, the presynaptic button releases molecules of neurotransmitters into the synaptic cleft. These diffuse across the cleft and transmit the signal to the postsynaptic membrane of the muscle fiber, leading to a post-synaptic potential responsible of the muscle contraction. 13 0.06 2 31.12 1.84e-03
ciliary rootlet A cytoskeleton-like structure, originating from the basal body at the proximal end of a cilium, and extending proximally toward the cell nucleus. Rootlets are typically 80-100 nm in diameter and contain cross striae distributed at regular intervals of approximately 55-70 nm. 13 0.06 2 31.12 1.84e-03
cilium part Any constituent part of a cilium, a specialized eukaryotic organelle that consists of a filiform extrusion of the cell surface. Each cilium is bounded by an extrusion of the cytoplasmic membrane, and contains a regular longitudinal array of microtubules, anchored basally in a centriole. 17 0.08 2 23.80 3.16e-03

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