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List Name Description Total
SH3/SH2 adaptor activity Interacting selectively and simultaneously with one or more signal transduction molecules, usually acting as a scaffold to bring these molecules into close proximity either using their own SH2/SH3 domains (e.g. Grb2) or those of their target molecules (e.g. SAM68). 77 0.19 3 15.76 9.64e-04
molecular adaptor activity The binding activity of a molecule that brings together two or more molecules, permitting those molecules to function in a coordinated way. 101 0.25 3 12.02 2.10e-03
protein binding, bridging Interacting selectively with two or more protein molecules, or a protein and another macromolecule or complex, simultaneously, thereby physically linking the bound proteins or complexes to each other. 127 0.31 3 9.56 4.01e-03
Rab GTPase activator activity Increases the rate of GTP hydrolysis by a GTPase of the Rab family. 48 0.12 2 16.86 6.39e-03
bile acid:sodium symporter activity Catalysis of the reaction: bile acid(out) + Na+(out) = bile acid(in) + Na+(in). 3 0.01 1 134.85 7.40e-03

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