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microbody part Any constituent part of a microbody, a cytoplasmic organelle, spherical or oval in shape, that is bounded by a single membrane and contains oxidative enzymes, especially those utilizing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). 36 0.09 2 22.47 3.64e-03
peroxisomal part Any constituent part of a peroxisome, a small, membrane-bounded organelle that uses dioxygen (O2) to oxidize organic molecules; contains some enzymes that produce and others that degrade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). 36 0.09 2 22.47 3.64e-03
microtubule organizing center A region in a eukaryotic cell, such as a centrosome or basal body, from which microtubules grow. 127 0.31 3 9.56 4.01e-03
microtubule cytoskeleton The part of the cytoskeleton (the internal framework of a cell) composed of microtubules and associated proteins. 443 1.10 5 4.57 5.26e-03
synaptosome Any of the discrete particles (nerve-ending particles) formed from the clublike presynaptic nerve endings that resist disruption and are snapped or torn off their attachments when brain tissue is homogenized in media isosmotic to plasma. 49 0.12 2 16.51 6.65e-03
tight junction A belt-like region of very close contact between the plasma membranes of adjacent cells so that the intercellular space is completely occluded. They occur in epithelia and brain endothelia. 56 0.14 2 14.45 8.61e-03

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