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camptothecin_probcell_dn Down-regulated in pro-B cells (FL5.12) following treatment with camptothecin 52 0.13 4 31.12 9.19e-06
nf90_up Upregulated by ectopic expression of NF90 in GHOST(3)CXCR4 cells 56 0.14 4 28.90 1.24e-05
bcnu_glioma_mgmt_48hrs_up Up-regulated in an MGMT+ glioma cell line (T98G) at 48 hours following treatment with BCNU 33 0.08 3 36.78 7.80e-05
creb_brain_2wks_up Up-regulated in the nucleus accumbens of mice after 2 weeks of induction of transgenic CREB 39 0.10 3 31.12 1.29e-04
vhl_normal_up Upregulated in VHL-null renal carcinoma vs. normal renal cells (Fig. 2c+e) 754 1.86 9 4.83 1.38e-04
serum_fibroblast_cellcycle Cell-cycle dependent genes regulated following exposure to serum in a variety of human fibroblast cell lines 197 0.49 5 10.27 1.46e-04
hippocampus_development_neonatal Highly expressed in neonatal mouse hippocampus (clusters 4 and 8) 51 0.13 3 23.80 2.88e-04
adip_vs_fibro_dn Downregulated following 7-day differentiation of murine 3T3-L1 fibroblasts into adipocytes 64 0.16 3 18.96 5.62e-04
shortattacklatency_up Up-regulated in hippocampi from a mouse line selected for long attack latency (LAL) against an intruder, versus a line selected for short attack latency (SAL). 156 0.39 4 10.37 6.57e-04
adipogenesis_hmsc_class5_up Up-regulated 9 days following the differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) into adipocytes, versus untreated hMSC cells (Class V) 16 0.04 2 50.57 7.17e-04
cox1_ko_cortex_up Up-regulated in the cerebral cortex of COX1-/- mice compared to wild-type controls. 80 0.20 3 15.17 1.08e-03
adip_vs_preadip_dn Downregulated in mature murine adipocytes (7 day differentiation) vs. preadipocytes (6 hr differentiation) 84 0.21 3 14.45 1.24e-03
rb_creko_up Up-regulated at 144 hours after disruption of Rb in adult mouse fibroblasts by Cre recombination, versus GFP controls. 344 0.85 5 5.88 1.80e-03
h2o2_csbcombined Upregulated by H2O2 in CSB-rescued fibroblasts, but deficient induction in CSB-null (Table 3) 26 0.06 2 31.12 1.91e-03
cancer_undifferentiated_meta_up Sixty-nine genes commonly upregulated in undifferentiated cancer relative to well-differentiated cancer, from a meta-analysis of the OncoMine gene expression database 98 0.24 3 12.38 1.93e-03
rcc_nl_up Upregulated in VHL-rescued renal carcinoma vs. normal renal cells (Fig. 2d+e) 899 2.22 8 3.60 2.07e-03
o6bg_resist_medulloblastoma_dn Up-regulated in a medulloblastoma cell line resistant to both BCNU and O6-BG, compared to sensitive parent line (D-341 MED) 109 0.27 3 11.13 2.61e-03
aged_mouse_neocortex_up Upregulated in the neocortex of aged adult mice (30-month) vs. young adult (5-month) 111 0.27 3 10.93 2.75e-03
cancer_neoplastic_meta_up Sixty-seven genes commonly upregulated in cancer relative to normal tissue, from a meta-analysis of the OncoMine gene expression database 115 0.28 3 10.55 3.03e-03
heartfailure_ventricles_dn Downregulated in the ventricles of failing hearts (DCM and ICM) compared to healthy controls 120 0.30 3 10.11 3.42e-03
senescence_hela_up Up-regulated in HeLa/HPV16E6 cells 6 days following induction of senescence by repression of HPV E7 via HPV E2 and subsequent reactivation of Rb. 262 0.65 4 6.18 4.32e-03
ageing_brain_up Age-upregulated in the human frontal cortex 446 1.10 5 4.54 5.41e-03
hematop_stem_all_up Up-regulated in populations of human hematopoietic stem cells (CD34+/CD38-/Lin-) from bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and peripheral blood stem-progenitor cells, compared to the stem cell-depleted population (CD34+/[CD38/Lin++]) 52 0.13 2 15.56 7.46e-03
pod1_ko_up Up-regulated in glomeruli isolated from Pod1 knockout mice, versus wild-type controls 508 1.26 5 3.98 9.19e-03

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