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Results for D06A.profile.u50

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List Name Description Total
cell growth The process by which a cell irreversibly increases in size over time by accretion and biosynthetic production of matter similar to that already present. 278 0.69 5 7.28 7.05e-04
regulation of cell size Any process that modulates the size of a cell. 282 0.70 5 7.17 7.51e-04
regulation of Rho protein signal transduction Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of Rho protein signal transduction. 111 0.27 3 10.93 2.75e-03
growth The increase in size or mass of an entire organism, a part of an organism or a cell. 403 1.00 5 5.02 3.55e-03
Rho protein signal transduction A series of molecular signals within the cell that are mediated by a member of the Rho family of proteins switching to a GTP-bound active state. 150 0.37 3 8.09 6.36e-03
cell morphogenesis Any process that modulates the mass, volume, or shape of a cell. 668 1.65 6 3.63 6.91e-03
cellular structure morphogenesis The process by which cellular structures are generated and organized. Morphogenesis pertains to the creation of form. 668 1.65 6 3.63 6.91e-03

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