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List Name Description Total
serum_fibroblast_core_dn Core group of genes consistently down-regulated following exposure to serum in a variety of human fibroblast cell lines (higher expression in quiescent cells, not cell-cycle dependent) 319 1.58 9 5.71 3.76e-05
cmv_hcmv_timecourse_4hrs_up Up-regulated in fibroblasts following infection with human cytomegalovirus (at least 3-fold, with Affymetrix change call, in at least two consectutive timepoints), with maximum change at 4 hours 26 0.13 3 23.34 2.89e-04
5fu_resist_gastric_dn Downregulated in gastric cancer cell lines reistant to 5-fluorouracil, compared to parent chemosensitive lines 30 0.15 3 20.23 4.44e-04
bay_pbmc_24hr_up Up-regulated at 24 hr following treatment of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with BAY 50-4798, an IL-2 receptor agonist. 202 1.00 6 6.01 5.60e-04
dnmt1_ko_dn Downregulated following conditional knock-out of DNMT1 in MEFs 38 0.19 3 15.97 8.96e-04
adipogenesis_hmsc_class2_up Up-regulated 1-14 days following the differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) into adipocytes, versus untreated hMSC cells (Class II) 15 0.07 2 26.97 2.46e-03
vegf_huvec_2hrs_up Up-regulated 2 hours after VEGF treatment in human umbilical vein endothelial cells 54 0.27 3 11.24 2.48e-03
preadip_vs_fibro_dn Downregulated following 6hr differentiation of murine 3T3-L1 fibroblasts into preadipocytes; presumed direct transcriptional targets of differentiation cocktail of insulin, dexamethasone and isobutyl-methylxanthine 17 0.08 2 23.80 3.16e-03
tpa_resist_middle_dn Downregulated by TPA at two consecutive timepoints between 2-24hrs in resistant HL-525 cells 209 1.03 5 4.84 4.07e-03
tpa_resist_early_dn Downregulated by TPA at two consecutive timepoints between 15min-3hrs in resistant HL-525 cells 140 0.69 4 5.78 5.38e-03
irs1_ko_adip_up Up-regulated in brown preadipocytes from Irs1-knockout mice, which display severe defects in adipocyte differentiation, versus wild-type controls 159 0.79 4 5.09 8.35e-03
adip_vs_preadip_dn Downregulated in mature murine adipocytes (7 day differentiation) vs. preadipocytes (6 hr differentiation) 84 0.42 3 7.22 8.55e-03

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