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Results for A02B.profile.d50

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List Name Description Total
learning and/or memory The acquisition and processing of information and/or the storage and retrieval of this information over time. 86 0.21 4 18.82 6.74e-05
musculoskeletal movement The movement of an organism or part of an organism using mechanoreceptors, the nervous system, striated muscle and/or the skeletal system. 34 0.08 2 23.80 3.25e-03
regulation of balance The processes that an organism uses to control its balance, the orientation of the organism (or the head of the organism) in relation to the source of gravity. In humans and animals, balance is perceived through visual cues, the labyrinth system of the inner ears and information from skin pressure receptors and muscle and joint receptors. 34 0.08 2 23.80 3.25e-03
multicellular organismal movement Physiological processes involved in the relocation of an organism or an anatomical part of an organism. 41 0.10 2 19.73 4.70e-03
developmental growth The increase in size or mass of an entire organism, a part of an organism or a cell, where the increase in size or mass has the specific outcome of the progression of the organism over time from one condition to another. 46 0.11 2 17.59 5.88e-03

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